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Paper subject: cheap Chinese mobile Smartphone’s – Technology.

Technology: “is the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. Technology can be the knowledge of techniques, processes, etc. or it can be embedded in machines, computers, devices and factories, which can be operated by individuals without detailed knowledge of the workings of such things.” (Wikipedia,Technology)”.

What is in fact a “Smartphone”? a smartphone combines a rather large number of technologies like: a sophisticated camera, a global positioning system using satellites, a telephone, a core processor, a graphic processor and much more. A smartphone today resembles a PC or a laptop in the technologies and Nano technologies used to crate it, and in the fact that you can install various applications on the smartphone just as you would do with a computer.

This paper will unfold every technology used within smartphones and will help you decide on how to choose your next cheap Chinese mobile phones.

The smartphones we use today are a major part in our day to day life, we keep our most important memories and moments on them. We cannot be separated from our smartphones.

Every smartphone used an operating system (OS) quite similar to the ones we know from the computer world like; Microsoft Windows, Apple’s IOS, and Linux. In the Smartphone world there are two major operating systems; Android by Google and IOS by Apple. There are several more operating systems like the windows phone OS but it does not stand in the same league as the first two. Why do I present this fact? The operating system is an inseparable part of our smartphone. Without the OS we could not use the device and all the various technologies within. Every manufacturer designs the device so that the OS could run the technologies using an existing menu just like it happens with Windows on our desktop computers. The operating system translates all the binary code behind the scenes to a graphic interface that allows us to easily navigate through it and enjoy all the possibilities that the device holds.

Now that we know just a bit about the graphical interface of our devices we can move on to the rest of the technologies that we can now use thanks to our operating system. First and foremost, every smartphone includes a motherboard, the motherboard is a set of chips that connects all the processors and different devices in the smartphone and powers them by connecting them to the necessary power supply. Why would we care which motherboard is installed in our device? Well, every smartphone in the market comes out with a set of publicized properties that also define its pricing like; screen resolution, sound quality, camera quality etc. the motherboard connects all the parts in the smartphone and that is why it is so important. The motherboard includes chips that are used by the operating systems. Every chip has its own “job” in the device. There are memory cards that define our devices capability to react faster, graphic cards that process everything we see on the screen, sound cards that process the sound we hear and cards that connect all the different jacks that the device has; headphone, mini-USB charging, etc.

What have we learned so far? We learned a bit about the smartphones and how it basically works – the operating system runs the different cards, chips and processors on the motherboard to create and interface that we can use.

How is the phone’s price calculated? As in any other market, the price is defined by the different components that are used in creating the device. Like in a computer or in a smart TV the price is an accumulation of the motherboard, the different chips on it; the sound card, the graphic card, the type of camera installed, the size and quality of the screen, the quality of the productions and whether it is a brand or not.

All those details are very important and when companies today lunch a new device they show all of those qualities to the public; all the possibilities and technology the device is capable of and the chipset. Most of the major players like apple, Samsung and LG (and many others) manufacture their devices in the east Asia; Singapore, China, Korea, etc. this happens mostly because the manufacturing costs in this area are much lower and that with many years of experience the plants and workers there acquired knowledge that allows them to make better, smarter phones. Many of the Chinese phones in the market even surpass the known brands like the famous Apple. The Chinese brands are manufactures in the same plants as the oversea brands’ phones are. The branding issue brings us to an entirely different subject – marketing and publicity. I will publish a separate article about the subject later on.

Today, thousands of people personally import cheap Chinese mobile phones using the large e-commerce sites available like,,, (and those are just the larger ones).

If I gave you a chance to forget about the brands, and value the phones only by their quality and their component’s quality. How would you feel?

I believe you would have used the same methods as I do – price vs performance.

I presented before two Smartphone’s to compare. One of them is a known brand’s phone and one is a Chinese company’s phone.

I hope that this example will open your eyes and that you will all be able to choose you next Chinese mobile phone with a wiser and more keen eye. The first phone is the iPhone 6. I believe most of you know the leading brand in the smartphone world and its flagship phone due to its effective marketing machine. An iPhone 6 costs about 800$. The other device is the P9000 phone by Elephone that costs 260$. Yes, this leaves more than 500$ change off of buying an iPhone – al lot of money. This comparison will inform you about the value for money you get when buying either one of the two phones. There are many internet sites where you can find the same comparisons for any set of devices and can help you choose between different phones.

Another question: Would you agree to pay 3 times more for you iPhone in another country? 2400$ to be exact? I bet the answer is simply NO. why would you pay 3 times more for the exact same phone? If you learned that this device also has 3 times better components and performance, would you now consider buying it?

Another thing to think about when looking at the different phones data is that the difference between a “faster” phone to another is usually in the milliseconds. That means that the difference is almost unnoticeable. Ask yourself, are you willing to pay 500$ for the brands logo on your device? The lifetime of smartphones is about the same and it depends mostly on how we treat the device and what we do with it.

Here is the comparison table of the two devices I mentioned before:

General rating 8.8 9.8
Device: iPhone 6 P9000
Design: 9.8/10 8/10
Size: 67.0 mm
73.8 mm
Weight: 129g 145g
Frame size: (the smaller the better): 0.35mm 0.25mm
Usable area (the larger the better): 65% 75%
Build material: Aluminum Metal
Screen size: 4.7” 5.5”
Screen technology: Lcd ips Lcd ips
Resolution: 750 x 1334 1080 x 1920
Pixels per inch (ppi): 326 441
External memory slot: No Yes
Core processor: Duo-core(2) Octa-core(8)
Processor speed: 2GHz 2GHz
Graphic processor: Yes Yes
Camera: 8MP 13MP
Network connectivity: 2G+3G+4G 2G+3G+4G
GPS: Yes Yes
Price: 800$ 250$

As we see before us, the Elephone device is far more advanced than the Apple iPhone device. The parameters affecting the speed of the device and the capability to multitask, the resolution, the pixel density, the size of the screen, the usable area that affects our using experience and the better camera, the number of processing cores (2 vs 8) and many more, all are superior in the Elephone device. There is no doubt that the Chinese device wins, by quality and, let’s not forget, the price! Cheap mobile phones are very goodd.

At the end it is up to us to first understand what we look for in a device that costs 800$ and sometimes even 1000$. It is always better to consult a person who knows the many different devices and that can give you a solid advice based on your needs. The different internet sites that compare devices can help a lot when trying to choose.

I hope that this helped you get the message – there is no need to go with the flow when I comes to smartphones. There is a very wide range of devices and the brands are not always the best choice, and the fact that we saw a slick commercial does not mean that they are advertising the best device. At the end of the say most of us make a simple call to our kids from a very smart phone.

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